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Tier 1:    Registration Fee:  $750, $1,000 or $1,250

The Registration Fee for a swim (solo or relay) is determined as follows:

  1. $750 if the swim is less than 27 kilometres (17 statute (land) miles).

  2. $1,000 if the swim is greater than 27 km and one Swim Master can manage the swim safely.

  3. $1,250 if the swim is sufficiently long that it will require two Swim Masters for its safe management.  The definition of a “long swim” generally covers any swim that is expected to last more than 24 hours.

The Registration Fee covers SSO’s cost of administering all aspects of the swim including:

  • Providing the Swim Master who supervises the trial swim and the main swim

  • SSO's liability insurance

  • Providing advice on all aspects of the swim, including training, nutrition, and organization

  • SSO-provided safety items: CorTemp monitoring system, swim cap light, first aid kit, handheld VHF radios, etc.

  • Documenting the swim and Issuing a certificate in recognition of a completed swim.

  • Administrative services including mail, telephone, internet, website

  • SSO is a registered charity, so the swimmer is exempted the registration fee of the Toronto Port Authority.



Cancellation Policy:

Once a Swim Registration has been processed, SSO will refund of a portion of the fee.  

  1. If the swim is cancelled before June 15 of the year of the proposed swim, the refund is the fee less $100.

  2. If the swim is cancelled after June 15, or after the Trial Swim, the refund is the fee less $250.


Tier 2:    Swim Master’s Expenses

The swimmer shall provide the following services for the Swim Master:

(a)  Provide, or pay for, the transportation of the Swim Master to the starting point of the swim at 52¢ per kilometre, plus any entrance fees;

(b)  If accommodation is required, pay for the Swim Master’s hotel accommodation, or provide accommodation acceptable to the Swim Master;

(c)  If necessary, pay for the Swim Master's meals before the swim, to a maximum of $60 per diem; and

(d)  Provide meals during the swim itself.

(e)  Provide, or pay for, the transportation home for the Swim Master at 52¢ per kilometre.


None of these costs are covered by the Swim Master’s honorarium.


Tier 3:    Certificate of Completion for a 16 Kilometre Trial Swim: $150

Where the 16 km Trial Swim meets the SSO requirements for a marathon swim (16 km or more, crossing a body of water), the swimmer may request the issue of a Certificate of Completion for a successful swim.  This request must be made before the Trial Swim (see Trial Swim) so that it can be properly monitored and documented by the Swim Master. 

There is an additional $150 fee for the issuing of this certificate.


Note re: insurance: SSO carries insurance coverage for the swimmer and SSO-appointed officials during these swims, provided the individuals are citizens of Canada or legal Landed Immigrants. For swimmers who are not citizens of Canada or legal Landed Immigrants, they must provide evidence of adequate personal insurance at the time of registration for the swim.  The swimmer’s certificate of insurance must show Solo Swims of Ontario Inc. as an additional insured. 

Note:  All fees shall be made payable to “Solo Swims of Ontario” in Canadian dollars.

Link to payment: Should we use the first button below that we can set up to link to Wix's payment management or the second one that link's to Shelagh's payment email?  

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