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Other Lakes in Ontario

The province of Ontario contains over 250,000 lakes, but only a  small percentage of these are longer than 16 km from shore to shore.

SSO welcomes inquiries about new routes in Ontario.

(In general, trial swims are 1/3 of the distance of the intended big swim, rounded up to the next kilometer).

Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is a relatively warm lake an hour from Toronto with routes of the width (west to east) of 25 km and the length (south to north) of 35 km.  It is a good lake for the new marathon swimmer. Environment Canada maintains a weather buoy in Lake Simcoe, which helps with the weather planning.

The swimmer can also swim through "The Narrows" and add the 10 km length of Lake Couchiching to the swim.

Muskoka Lakes

SSO has accompanied swimmers across Lakes Muskoka (27 km), Joseph (22 km), Rosseau (18 km) and Lake of Bays (23 km). These are beautiful shallow warm lakes (see picture of Lake of Bays to the left) where waves rarely exceed half a meter.  SSO allows pontoon boats and inboard boats of about 20 feet to accompany the swimmer on these lakes.

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