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What We Do

Solo Swims of Ontario's (SSO) mandate is to sanction all individual swims across Lake Ontario, and to ensure that such swims are conducted safely. SSO has extended this directive to include all of the Great Lakes, and any other body of water in Ontario where the swim meets the definition of a marathon swim.  We have also recently started sanctioning relays (see Rules).

Marathon Swim: A sanctioned marathon swim is considered to be a contest of endurance, and is 16 kilometres (10 miles) or more in distance, going across an open body of water from one shore to the opposite shore.

The Swim Master: To ensure the safety of all marathon swimming in Ontario, SSO assigns one of its representatives, the Swim Master, to each swimmer to confirm that basic safety requirements are met before the swim is attempted. These duties include the following:

1. Establishing the swimmer's fitness and capability level (see Trial Swim);

2. Ensuring the swimmer has the proper boating and swimming equipment (see Equipment List);

3. Checking the weather conditions (see Weather).

The Swim Master accompanies the swimmer to oversee the swim and to ensure the safety of all concerned, including swimmer, pacers, and crew.

As SSO's representative, the Swim Master has the authority to cancel a swim at any time, either before or during the swim, if the Swim Master considers the swim to be unsafe.

The Swim Master will prepare a report for SSO and the swimmer, not more than four weeks after the swim, documenting the swim, including start time and place, finish time and place, and the official time taken for the swim.

Usually, although not always, the Swim Master is a successful marathon swimmer. As such, this person has direct experience in long-distance swimming and would be pleased to give suggestions or advice to a challenger.

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