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All of the online forms are available at

This includes:

  • Swimmer Registration (including swim resume and liability waiver)

  • Medical evaluation

  • Code of Conduct

All other forms are available on our old website in the Solo Swims of Ontario Regulations and Information document, the SSORI.

Guidelines for Completing the Toronto Port Authority (TPA) Forms*


  • Note: Your date window is 2 days before your intended start date plus a month but exclude the first long weekend in August and Thursday-Monday of the Labour Day weekend. The season usually ends by September 15.


1. Application for Authorization Of An Event / Activity

  • Name of Applicant: Enter: Swim Master’s name "for" swimmer’s name

  • Event / Activity Date/s & Time/s: Enter the date window and enter "anytime" for the time

  • Event / Activity Location: Enter your intended destination, such as:  “Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto, ON”

  • Description of special requirements: Enter: "safety plan attached"

  • Check off  proof of insurance

  • Check off safety plan attached

  • Swim Master signs the bottom right hand on the line above authorized signature of Group/Organization with their home address

  • Under Charity Reg. No. enter SSO's number: 880974134RR0001

  • Sample safety plan:

Safety Plan

   This will be a Solo Swims of Ontario sanctioned event.  The swimmer is ­­­­­­­­­­­______________________(name). The swimmer will have met all of SSO’s sanctioning requirements. We will follow all of Solo swims of Ontario’s safety rules and regulations (see – SSORI: Registration and Information)

   The swim window is ____________________(dates). 

   The route is Niagara on the Lake to Marilyn Bell Park Toronto.

   The flotilla is comprised of  _____________(Describe boats and captains; e.g.) a 39 foot Twin engine Carver Flybridge powerboat named “R&R”; ONZ798404, and two 15 foot inflatables.  Christine Arsenault is the captain of the R&R. She has a harbour license.) All boats are equipped with GPS and VHF radios, and all boat drivers have their radio operator’s license and pleasure craft operator cards. There will be one boat on either side of the swimmer in order to keep close watch on her/him and to protect her/him from pleasure craft.

   Notifications: We will notify the Coast Guard when we start the swim and when we finish the swim. We will notify Toronto Harbour Police when we enter the waters of the Port of Toronto by radio. We will monitor Channels 16 and communicate with the flotilla on channel ___(Christine uses 61).

   We expect everyone to wear lifejackets when not below decks.

   Accompanying safety swimmers: If we have concerns about the swimmer’s status, we may ask a swimmer to swim beside her/him. All of the potential swimmers in this crew are experienced swimmers and understand all of our safety rules and regulations.

   In the case of a swimmer or crew emergency in Toronto Port waters, we will call 911.

2. Waiver of Claims For Granting of Permission

  • Undersigned: Enter the name: of the swimmer on the first line

  • On behalf of: Enter “(Swim Master’s name) – SSO Swim Master” on the second line.

  • In consideration for . . . : Enter “To enter the Toronto Waterfront as part of my swim across Lake Ontario” on the third line.

  • On or about (date): Enter the date window. (Edit the location and initial if relevant)

  • Enter the date where it says, “in witness whereof”

  • Then have a “witness” sign the left side, AND the swimmer sign the right side where it says “signed”

3. Water-Related Permission: Conditions, Waiver and Indemnity

  • Write the swimmers name

  • 2nd line on behalf of Solo Swims of Ontario

  • 3rd and 4th lines are swimmer's address and phone number

  • Second page: enter the date window under “period of permission”. 

  • Date it where “signed this” appears

  • Then have a “witness” sign the left side and the swimmer “sign” the right side where it says applicant.

*Note: These forms and guidelines are subject to change by TPA at any time

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