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Successful Lake Ontario Swims

Toronto-related: Niagara to Toronto (including Marilyn Bell Traditional Route) and Toronto to Niagara

Legend for Locations

S: North-to-South

SN: South-to-North

B: Beamsville

BP: Budapest Park

BVC: Beach to east of Boulevard Club, Toronto

CBH: Cherry Beach, Hearn Hydro Plant, Toronto

CBJ: Cherry Beach Jetty, Toronto

CNE: Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto

HBP: Humber Bay Park West, Toronto

FtM: Fort Mississauga, NOTL

JH: Jordan Harbour

LSS: Leslie Street Spit, Toronto

MBP: Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto

NOTL: Niagara-On-The-Lake

OP: Ontario Place, Toronto

PD: Port Dalhousie

QQT: Queen's Quay Terminal, Toronto

YTN: Youngstown, New York 

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